Edinburgh, Scotland, February 2024 – Located in Edinburgh, Jeffreys Interiors is known for its award-winning designs and eclectic range of furnishings and accessories. Their innovative approach to integrating exceptional interiors with advanced smart home technologies has earned them a reputation as forward-thinking designers. Their state-of-the-art showroom has been recently equipped with PULSE M by Bluesound, wireless multi-room speakers installed by IDES, so that visitors can experience first hand their commitment to creating audio experiences that extend beyond the visual aesthetics.

This innovative Edinburgh-based design house has seamlessly infused the power of sound and lighting into their interiors, showcasing how homeowners can take full control of the mood and atmosphere in their living spaces, favouring safety and sustainability. For instance, unnecessary energy consumption can be reduced by using a direct voice connection to program and adjust smart thermostats and energy-efficient lighting, which allows for monitoring of different source components and their levels of consumption.

Jeffery’s Interiors is on a mission to show that smart technology can blend seamlessly into sophisticated home designs, adding a fresh dimension to interiors. This process has been greatly facilitated by the user-friendly interface and flexibility provided by the PULSE M, allowing the designers to experiment with a variety of tech needs.

“Due to the high demand from our clients, we had to address the need to have an easily adaptable system that was able to link with all the house facilities that also fit with our interior style. Home offices are obviously more popular now and so this is where we’ve probably seen the biggest focus on our possible future work. We approach all projects in the way we always have; combining our taste with our talent and Bluesound has been a valid companion in supporting our mission,” commented Kimberley Bremner, Lead Interior Designer at Jeffrey’s.

Jeffrey’s Interiors works closely with installers, builders, and real estate moguls, leveraging the latest technological tools to create homes that are ready for a better tomorrow.

With a simple voice command or a touch on a smartphone, homeowners can control numerous aspects of their dwellings. This advancement provides not only convenience but also enhances functional efficiency, redefining the standards of modern living.

For Jeffrey’s interior design, flexibility was of utmost importance. They also required a smart system interface that could harmonise with the sophisticated design of avant-garde homes. “With its elegant design and easy to use interface, PULSE M by Bluesound emerged as the ideal fit as it offers a handful of quick access playback controls on a proximity-sensing touch panel display, including volume controls and five programmable pre-sets. It can easily be integrated with a control system that enables each user to control several aspects of their homes, from setting timers while away, from curtains and heating to music, lighting, and TV. All of which can be linked into one easy to use interface,” commented Kimberley Bremner, Lead Interior Designer at Jeffrey’s.

The set-up includes four Bluesound PULSE M speakers, two in black and two in white. The PULSE M’s OmniHybrid™ driver features an up-firing 5 ¼” woofer and two ¾”” tweeters mounted at 45 degrees offset from each other, delivering an immersive, 360-degree soundstage. A custom-designed acoustic reflector situated above the woofer diffuses unwanted sonic artefacts, directing the higher frequencies out and away from the speaker. The driver assembly relies on a meticulously engineered power supply and a DSP smart amplifier which produces 80 watts of system power. This enables real-time monitoring and control of frequency bandwidth, dynamic range, and distortion, ensuring rich and clear audio from nearly any listening position.

“Interior Designers play such an important role in Custom Install projects and can influence the selection of many of the products used in a clients home, so for Bluesound PULSE M speakers to have their design, performance and flexibility of use endorsed by such a reputable design house as Jeffreys Interiors is very pleasing for us. Their showroom is a terrific space and it’s a pleasure to partner with them and provide the audio there,” concludes Peter Gibb, CI Business Development Manager at Lenbrook.


About Lenbrook Hi-Res Audio Solutions:

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