Los Angeles, USA, July 19, 2023 – Utelogy Corporation, a visionary provider of management, monitoring, automation and analytics software for the connected workspace, is pleased to announce an enhanced partnership with Lightware Visual Engineering, a longstanding Utelligence Strategic Alliance Partner. This advanced collaboration brings significant updates to Lightware’s API, and further integration with Utelogy’s driver for the Taurus UCX, delivering marked improvements in firmware management and upgrades for Lightware UCX devices.

This strengthened alliance is already delivering impressive results, as highlighted in a recent case study with Erasmus University Rotterdam. Engaging the comprehensive AV systems integration services and support of global provider Kinly, the University successfully transitioned traditional classrooms into dynamic hybrid learning environments, utilizing the power of both Utelogy and Lightware technology.

The robust functionality of the Taurus UCX, coupled with Utelogy’s innovative control solution, has facilitated a fluid, user-friendly learning environment for students and instructors alike. The one-cable connectivity, rapid switching, and smooth operation of USB-C technology, along with the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) capabilities, have been met with positive feedback across the University.

Additionally, AV-IT campus engineers have leveraged the networked nature of the switcher, capitalizing on its remote diagnostic, control, and management capabilities. With the further integration of Utelogy software, the University now operates a campus-wide solution, enabling preemptive resolution of technical issues, maximizing device uptime, and providing room usage reports to optimize the efficiency of AV technology and venue usage. More details on the latest case study between Lightware with Utelogy can be found here.

“We are thrilled about the deepened alliance between Utelogy and Lightware and the enhanced capabilities this brings to our shared customers,” says Jonathan Mangnall, Managing Director of EMEA at Utelogy. “By making updates and management of devices more intuitive and efficient, we’re not only saving significant time and resources for our customers, but we’re also enhancing the user experience in these digital workspaces. This epitomizes our mission at Utelogy – to revolutionize productivity and management through innovative software solutions.”

A major benefit of this enhancement is the elimination of the need for manual updates to the Taurus, a crucial time and cost saving measure for institutions managing hundreds or even thousands of rooms and devices.

“Installing Lightware Taurus into a hybrid meeting room enhances the user experience by adding more sources, room control from a single pane of glass and simpler operation for participants,” commented Gergely Vida, CEO of Lightware Visual Engineering. “But we must think about the operation aspects as well. Lightware devices, like the Taurus UCX, will be part of a corporate system. To reduce operation costs and improve ROI, the devices need to be monitored and maintained remotely. This is where our partnership with Utelogy brings a great value, enabling the integration into complex networks.”

Both Utelogy and Lightware are proud to offer a solution that not only streamlines technical operations but also fosters an efficient, collaborative environment for users. This latest update reflects Utelogy’s and Lightware’s ongoing commitment to driving innovation in workspace management and AV technology, providing a seamless, scalable solution for educational institutions and organizations worldwide.